Training Sessions for Educators

Training on Sexual Violence: Crimes and the Court Process

Éducaloi is offering a training on crimes involving sexual violence and the court process when someone files a complaint.

This training covers :

  • The principal crimes involving sexual violence (sexual assault, sexual exploitation, sharing intimate images, etc.)
  • The legal aspects of consent
  • An overview of criminal law principles
  • The court process when someone files a complaint
  • The special features of the youth criminal justice system

Target institutions: College-level post-secondary education institutions

Target audience: Persons working in different capacities in education: psychoeducators, social workers, special education specialists, psychologists, teachers, etc.

Duration: two hours

Number of participants: Between 14 and 20 participants per session, in order to facilitate discussion.

Important: the number of sessions we can offer is limited and depends on the region…please register as soon as possible!

How to Register

Please fill out the following form.

You should indicate three possible dates. They should be at least four weeks later than the date on which you register.

A member of our team will contact you to confirm the date on which the training will take place. It will then be your responsibility to ensure that the training takes places at your establishment at the confirmed time and date and with the required number of participants. It will also be up to you to invite the participants and take care of all logistics.

This training has been made possible with the financial support of: