Legal Careers

Duration: 1period(s)
Suggested level:Secondary 3, 4, 5
Subject:Personal Orientation Project (POP), Law, Anglais, langue seconde, Exploration of Vocational Training, Adult Education


There are a lot of careers in the field of law. Some are well known, but others are not.

This activity is divided into two parts:

  • Activity 1 – Who Am I? – one period
  • Activity 2 – Fill In the Blanks – one period

The first activity (Who Am I?) introduces students to a variety of jobs that involve the law. Students then use clues to identify different careers. The activity is available in PowerPoint format.

The second activity gives students a more in-depth look at these careers. Working in teams, they hunt for answers to fill in the blanks for a detailed picture of each career.

Pedagogical objectives

  • Begin thinking about potential careers in law
  • Discover some of the lesser-known legal careers

Subjects and subject-specific competencies

  • Exploration of Vocational Training:
    • Competency 1: Explores vocational training (Learns about different trades and occupations)
  • Personal Orientation Project
    • Competency 2: Contemplates his/her learning and work possibilities (considers possible career paths)


Two periods

Broad areas of learning

  • Career Planning and Entrepreneurship: Familiarity with the world of work, social roles and occupations and trades

Cross-curricular competencies

  • Uses information: Gathers information and puts it to use
  • Achieves his/her potential: Recognizes his/her personal characteristics

Related content

Éducaloi’s Careers Section provides the ins and outs of 15 careers in law.

  • A volunteer legal professional can visit your class to lead the workshop The Law: It’s Not Like in the Movies! This is designed to help students understand the main players and different stages of a criminal trial.

External resources

  • The Emploi Quebec information website(IMT en ligne) has information on various careers, including job descriptions, job prospects and required training.