Éducaloi: Teaching Legal Life Skills

Legal life skills is not just about knowing the law. It's knowing how law is part of everyday life, making informed decisions, preventing problems and settling conflicts. 

Learning legal life skills begins in the classroom and continues throughout life. This website is a hub for resources to teach those skills.  


Éducaloi explains the law to Quebecers in everyday language. We don't just tell people what the law is. We teach them how to handle the legal aspects of everyday life.

Éducaloi is a registered charity created in 2000.

The Law Foundation of Ontario and Justice Canada

The Law Foundation of Ontario invests in helping people understand the law to improve their lives. It collaborates with Quebec organizations and provided funding for this website.

Éducaloi also thanks Justice Canada for its financial contribution.

Financial contribution from Desjardins Foundation helps Éducaloi fulfill its legal education mission by organizing hundreds of free, in-class workshops each year run by volunteer legal professionals throughout Quebec.

Éducaloi is solely responsible for the content of this website.