What is Legal Education?


Legal education aims to build a person’s capacity to recognize the legal aspects of a situation. It aims to help people act in a knowledgeable manner and play an active role in society.

Legal education is not simply a matter of learning about laws. Access to information is essential, of course, but is not always sufficient to prevent problems from happening and to deal with them, when they arrive. A person needs to develop certain “legal reflexes”, as well as a degree of confidence, to recognize that they have rights and to defend them.

This applies equally to youth and to adults!


Éducaloi and Legal Education


Because legal education has always been at the heart of its mission, Éducaloi has created a dedicated website to enlarge, enrich and increase awareness of legal education.


How Does Legal Education Work in Practice?


In the Schools

The primary mission of schools is to cultivate the citizens of tomorrow. Law is an essential part of how our society is organized and functions. It must therefore be part of the education of all students in Quebec.  That’s why Éducaloi decided, many years ago, to provide teachers with the tools to bring law into the classroom.


For Community Workers

When people face a legal problem, they often turn to a community centre first. Workers in such organizations have an essential role to play in promoting access to justice, especially for the most vulnerable members of society. As part of its legal education activities, Éducaloi is developing legal information tools specifically for front-line community workers. This work is still in its early stages. You can find these resources on the main Éducaloi website at the following link: https://www.educaloi.qc.ca/en/legal-information-tools-community-workers


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