School Searches and You


School Searches and You

Duration: 2 period(s)
Suggested level: Secondary 3, 4, 5
Subject: Anglais, langue seconde, Ethics and Religious Culture


This activity prompts students to reflect on invasions of their privacy and learn about their rights regarding school searches.

Learning tools include discussion questions, two Supreme Court of Canada decisions, oral interaction, and optional reinvestment and writing tasks. Students are asked to take a position on the court decisions.

Educational objectives

  • To grasp the concept of privacy and invasion of privacy.
  • To explain the basic principles and guidelines surrounding searches in school.

Subjects and subject-specific competencies

English Language Arts:

  • Reads and listens to written, spoken and media texts
    • Working With Information
    • Justifies her/his interpretation(s) of texts on the basis

Broad areas of learning

  • Media literacy: Intellectual property, freedom of expression, privacy and reputation
  • Citizenship and community life: Awareness of the importance of the rules of social conduct and democratic institutions

Cross-curricular competencies

  • To exercise critical judgment: To form an opinion, to qualify his/her judgment, to express his/her judgment
  • To communicate appropriately

Suggested duration:

2 ½ to 4 periods

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