The Rules of the Game!


The Rules of the Game!

Duration: 60 min.
Suggested level: 16- to 25-year olds
Subject: Law, Adult Education, Financial Education, Ethics and Religious Culture, English Language Arts


In this game show activity, students debate legal issues affecting the lives of young adults: work, housing, consumer rights, the criminal justice system, and more.

Pedagogical objectives

  • Increase students’ knowledge of legal topics
  • Encourage reflection on the origins and fairness of certain laws
  • Develop skills to identify the legal aspects of a situation
  • Help students to react appropriately to a legal situation
  • Provide resources for information and for assistance

Broad areas of learning

  • Health and Well-being:
    • Self-awareness and awareness of his/her basic need
  • Citizenship and Community Life:
    • Promotion of the rules of social conduct and democratic institutions
  • Adoption of a culture of peace

Cross-curicular competencies

  • Using information:
    • Gathering information
    • Using information
  • Exercising critical judgment:
    • Forming and expressing an opinion while understanding the opinions of others
  • Using creative thinking:
    • Becoming familiar with all the elements of a situation

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