Our Conflict, Our Solution!


Our Conflict, Our Solution!

Duration: 60 min.
Suggested level: Secondary 3
Subject: Law, Ethics and Religious Culture, English Language Arts


Conflicts don’t always end up in court with lawyers battling it out! In this scenario, groups of high school students who have a disagreement arrive at a win-win solution. This activity introduces students to mediation as an alternative method to prevent and resolve disputes.

Pedagogical objectives

  • Introduce students to an alternative method to prevent and resolve disputes.
  • Provide students with tools for dealing with conflicts peacefully.
  • Determine the viewpoints and interests of various actors in a given situation.
  • Practise using dialogue during disagreements.

Broad areas of learning

  • Citizenship and Community Life:
    • Promotion of the rules of social conduct
    • Adoption of a culture of peace
    • Participation, cooperation and solidarity
  • Career Planning and Entrepreneurship:
    • Familiarity with the world of work, social roles and occupations and trades

Cross-curicular competencies

  • Solving problems:
    • Analyzing the different aspects of a situation
    • Adopting a flexible approach
    • Testing possible solutions
  • Exercising critical judgment:
    • Comparing his/her opinion with those of others
    • Expressing his/her opinion
  • Cooperating with others:
    • Interacting with others while keeping an open mind

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External pedagogical ressources

  • L’Institut Pacifique (French only): pedagogical activities on mediation
  • An episode from the series Le droit de savoir on participatory justice (French only)

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Cette activité exige une préparation de 30 minutes avec les élèves avant la venue du juriste bénévole.