Internet and the law


Internet and the law

Duration: 3 period(s)
Suggested level: Elementary Cycle Three
Subject: Ethics and Religious Culture, English Language Arts


This activity provides students in Elementary Cycle Three with basic notions about the use of the Internet and social media. Increasing numbers of families are dealing with situations concerning their children’s use of the Internet. It can be difficult to decide on the best course of action, even for teachers and parents.

This activity provides an overview of prohibited online activities (threats, sharing intimate images) and recommends solutions if a child is being harassed online.

At the end of the activity, students work together to write a Charter.

Educational objectives

  • To encourage students to reflect on the law and how it applies to the Internet
  • To help students understand the consequences of their actions on the Internet
  • To help students understand what they can do if they encounter problems online
  • To introduce students to the rights and freedoms protected by law and by the Charters

Subjects and subject-specific competencies

Ethics and Religious Culture :

  • Reflects on ethical questions
    • The distinction between what is acceptable and unacceptable in society
    • Management of tensions or conflicts
    • Values, norms and responsibilities that guide life in society
  • Engages in dialogue
    • Debate

Suggested duration

2 or 3 classes

Broad areas of learning

  • Media literacy: Intellectual property, freedom of expression, privacy and reputation
  • Citizenship and community life: Awareness of the importance of the rules of social conduct and democratic institutions

Cross-curricular competencies

  • To exercise critical judgment: To form an opinion, to qualify his/her judgment, to express his/her judgment
  • To construct his/her identity: To become aware of his/her place among others, to define his/her opinions and choices
  • To communicate appropriately

External teaching resources

  • The Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse (Quebec human rights commission) provides a simplified version of the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

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