Procès simulé: l'interrogatoire (French Only)


Procès simulé: l'interrogatoire (French Only)

Duration: 3 period(s)
Suggested level: Secondary Cycle Two
Subject: Culture and Citizenship in Quebec, Law, Français, langue seconde



This activity recreates a key part of every criminal trial: the questioning of the witnesses. Students will learn the basics of the criminal justice system, the steps involved in questioning witnesses and the role of each actor in a criminal trial. Students then act out this part of a trial. This activity appeals to students’ sense of justice. They will role-play, analyze a situation, take a position and formulate questions to get to the truth.

Educational objectives

  • To become familiar with Canadian criminal law
  • To understand how a criminal trial works and the roles of the different actors
  • To plan and implement an oral communication strategy

Subjects and subject-specific competencies

  • Français, langue seconde
    • Competency 1: Lire des textes variés en français
    • Competency 2: Interagir en français
  • Ethics and Religious Culture:
    • Competency 1: Social order, justice


Three periods

Broad areas of learning

  • Citizenship and Community Life: Promotion of the rules of social conduct and democratic institutions

Cross-curricular competencies

  • Uses information:
    • Gathers information and puts it to use
  • Solves problems
  • Communicates appropriately:
    • Uses the appropriate mode of communication
    • Manages the communication process

Related content

External educational tools

  • Expérience Justice (Télé-Québec). Topics concerning the criminal justice system in Quebec and intense one-on-one interviews with people who have experienced it first-hand. This is complementary content to a documentary series aired by Télé-Québec. (French only)
  • Series of 12 videos (French only) on the steps involved in a criminal trial, produced by the organization Cliquez Justice (a website offering legal information for francophones outside Quebec)

External resources

  • LET’S TALK LAW is a service offered by the Young Bar of Montreal. The service lets 12- to 20-year-olds speak to a lawyer for free. This telephone service is available to all youth in Québec, regardless of where they live.
  • Legal aid allows low-income persons to receive the services of a lawyer free of charge (or at low cost) in certain situations.
  • The Crime Victims Assistance Centres offer free help to victims of crimes.