Legal Careers in the Indigenous Context


Legal Careers in the Indigenous Context

Duration: 1 period(s)
Suggested level: Secondary 3, 4, 5
Subject: Personal Orientation Project (POP), Work-Oriented Training Path, Law, Exploration of Vocational Training, Adult Education


In this activity, students learn about the variety of law-related jobs. This activity was designed with the realities of Indigenous people in mind and has been reviewed by Indigenous professionals. Accompanying the activity are testimonials from positive Indigenous role models.

Educational objectives

  • To think about potential careers in law
  • To discover some of the lesser-known legal careers
  • To present positive role models of Indigenous people working in the field of law

Subjects and subject-specific competencies

  • Exploration of Vocational Training:
    • Competency 1: Explores vocational training (learns about different trades and occupations)
  • Personal Orientation Project:
    • Competency 2: Contemplates his/her learning and work possibilities (considers possible career paths)
  • Work-Oriented Training Path


One period

Broad areas of learning

  • Career Planning and Entrepreneurship:
    • Familiarity with the world of work, social roles and occupations and trades

Cross-curricular competencies

  • Uses information: Gathers information and puts it to use
  • Achieves his/her potential: Recognizes his/her personal characteristics

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Video footage:

External resources

  • The Emploi Quebec information website(IMT en ligne) has information on various careers, including job descriptions, job prospects and required training.
  • (French only) provides a list and explanations of careers in the field of law and public order.
  • Emploi Québec also has a search tool for careers (French only).